For the Public

As a therapist, I provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental atmosphere in where clients feel comfortable expressing their feelings. In this setting, clients can move forward in their lives.

In my private practice, I help clients feel like themselves or feel better than they ever thought possible.

I specialize in treating adults  with anxiety, depression, ADHD, grief/loss, low self-esteem, postpartum depression, and work-related related stress. I use several therapeutic approaches in my practice which include cognitive behavioral therapy and solution focused therapy. These techniques help clients notice how their thoughts may be affecting how they feel. These approaches are forward moving and action oriented. While I feel it is important to talk about the past and deepen one’s understanding of themselves it is also key to make sure one is moving forward with their lives and reaching their goals.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 20  years of experience. I am also a Certified Coach with a specialty in AD/HD coaching. Coaching skills add a whole new dimension to helping clients.  I believe it’s important to work with client’s strengths and build from there.