For Coaches

As a coach, you know the value of having trusted referral resources at hand.

Whether you’re looking to refer a client who is in crisis and needs therapy or you want to consult with a therapist on your client’s emotional issues, I can help. If you’re unsure whether a therapist could help your coaching clients, I’d be happy to talk with you.

I began meeting with Lisa in my early-to-mid twenties, a time of great internal upheaval for me.


As a byproduct of my age, maturity level, and genetic makeup, I was tortured by intrusive thoughts and I constantly questioned my ability to make decisions. With Lisa’s counseling over the next few years–and a lot of determination–I was able to call out these thoughts and identify them accordingly. I am happy to consider those dark days [mostly] behind me, and equipped with strategies learned through my sessions with Lisa, I am confident on the life path that I’ve just begun to carve.

–  Shannon F.

Some coaches find that psychotherapy complements coaching especially with those clients suffering from Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD), depression and anxiety.

I can assist you in helping your clients achieve their goals by helping them address emotional blocks which are interfering with their coaching objectives. For example, if a client is suffering from depression, they may not be motivated to achieve their goals. I help them by assessing where there are and by using different therapeutic techniques to help them work through their underlying issues.

A client who is anxious could be too focused on their performance and might be at a standstill and unable to move through the coaching process.  I help them by using mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and other therapeutic modalities.

A client who has ADHD may have difficulty focusing, feel overwhelmed by everything they need to do, or remembering what they were supposed to do. I help them develop time management techniques, learn creative ways of remembering, and how to break down tasks in a simple way.