For Lawyers

Practicing law is an intense endeavor.

Extreme stress, long hours, handling high stakes issues, perfectionism, and always looking like you are ‘on top of your game’ are unfortunately an essential part of the profession.

Having worked at the DC Bar Lawyer Assistance Program as therapist, I am familiar with the unique challenges lawyers face everyday.

There are constant demands to be productive, face adversity, and balance work with personal lives. Those demands sometimes lead to feeling emotionally numb or overwhelmed, empty or completely alone, even when surrounded by other people.

Some lawyers suffer in silence so as not to appear weak to colleagues. They are afraid others will judge them if they seek help. Some lawyers feel pressured to work long hours and, increase billable hours.

In my practice, I help lawyers decrease and manage their stress, learn how to take the edge off in healthy ways, and to learn how to resolve conflict in their everyday lives. I encourage clients to make the necessary changes in their lives so they can start feeling like themselves again. This may involve trying different strategies and learning new ways to cope with stressors.  Individual therapy is tailored to their specific concerns and personality.

It’s best to seek counseling if you fear your emotional problems will disrupt your career and quality of life.